Intro (English)

This blog is about the Stockholm indie rock club Electric Garden, started by the Irishman Harry Byrne in august 1982. (It’s written in Swedish, except for this English intro page.)

Under each venue, you will find all the Electric Garden concerts there, with info, posters, flyers, ads, articles etc., plus some youtube videos by some of the bands to give a taste of what they sounded like (these are however not recorded at Electric Garden). Also some info about Harry’s record company and related artwork.

Electric Garden at Lido (1982)

Electric Garden at Skeppet (1982-83)

Electric Garden at BZ (1983)

Living Room at Wavel (1985)

Odd concerts (1984-86)

Record company (1984-89)


The Vision

Harry was the visionary music genius who somehow always managed to find new interesting bands (some of which later became big) and brought them to Stockholm. He also wanted to create a platform for Swedish indie bands who had very few venues to play in at the time. Having lived several years in London, Harry chose the name Electric Garden after the first psychedelic rock club that opened in Covent Garden in 1966.

The Concerts

Harry booked the bands and had most of the creative ideas. As his gilfriend at the time, I added my skills and did the posters and took care of the administrative/economic bits. Most of the posters were screenprinted by hand by LennArt Serigraphics and put up around town by Harry.

We didn’t have our own club but rented existing venues, often a restaurant with a stage which we turned into a rock club for that weekend. Harry was always DJ and had the idea of we showing old horror movies and other films by the dance floor to create a different atmosphere.

Electric Garden, during the years I was involved (1982-87) never made a profit. We were lucky if we broke even. But we did help bring some life into the indie scene in Stockholm right at the breaking point between the old rock/pop and the New Wave. My life eventually took another direction, but Harry has kept the Stockholm music scene interesting for another two decades.

For those who want to reach Harry, try his facebook page.



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